Yahoo! Women Who Shine Contest (plus vote for my nominee)

peggy hall

When I was first asked to nominate a women for Yahoo!’s exciting Women Who Shine contest I thought first of a women that makes me smile even through the ‘tear my hair out mommy moment’ days.  That lady just happens to be my good friend Peggy.  I could tell you about many times we laughed til we cried, even though nothing was all that funny.  Like the time I thought a group of women walking across the street late one night after the EWomen Conference in Ft Wayne, IN was a large group of small children.  I really thought they looked like small children and was concerned why they were out so late.  Or the time a few years ago I was making a video audition for iVillage iVoices and Peg was sweet enough to be my interview-ee.  We started around 8 or 9pm and I left after midnight.  Half the time I had the nervous laughs/cries trying to do this video interview with was pathetic.  The short interview that took 3 hours to make and for some reason has no audio when I tried to add it here for you to watch.  Probably a good thing.


Family Matters

Just last night I had dinner with Peg (aunt Peg everyone calls her) and she was telling me about her nieces wedding the weekend before.  From behind the scenes it sounded like the wedding from ..well down under.  Anything that could have gone wrong, did. I think she could write a short novel about all that happened on that fine Saturday afternoon, into evening, and spilling into the next day.  Not only did she have to go to the chiropractor that next Monday, but a full week and one day later she is STILL feeling the effects operation wedding.  I guess this is why people hire wedding planners.  I never understood it until she started to unravel everything that happened.  Now, we don’t have time for all the details (and I know by now your dying for a crumb of one) but just note that the whole family deserves body massages after that night.  There were family guests stranded at some points, a borrowed extension cord that was packed by accident and sent in a car to PA (we live in IN), sister of the bride got left while napping at the main house a good 15 miles from the wedding site, speaker issues/music issues, and with a list that goes on further (and comical if your sitting next to your friend retell it) but the bottom line is they love each other.  And through it all Peggy would did it all again just for her niece’s happiness.



Peggy and her husband started fosteringa few years ago.  They brought kids into their home and treated them JUST like they treat their daughter.  She has even said..and I quote “It’s stupid not to treat them the same”.  She is very matter of fact about it.  One of their first foster children was a 16 year old girl that they helped.  They taught her about the Lord, going to Church, responsibilities, and encouraged to go to college.  They next took in two small children ages 3 and 1 that they knew right away were their children.  So much so they adopted them a year later.

Ole Faithful

Peggy eats, drinks, and sleeps her faith.  She has a great testimony and wears Jesus on her sleeve.  You don’t know Peggy and not know she loves the Lord.  It’s not a secret, something she keeps hidden.  However, she’s not a “holy roller” (you know you were asking yourself).  She doesn’t act like she’s better than anyone else.  She’s not boastful or materialistic.  She is very laid back, a wonderful wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend.

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Peggy Hall

  • age: young enough
  • married
  • # of children: four
  • raised in: upstate NY
  • resides in: northeast IN
  • works full time for eye doctor
  • teaches kids after school on Wed Bible Quizzing
  • friend count: in the millions (somewhere, and counting)

Meet my friend Peg, and vote for her.  She could win $10,000 and if anyone is going to put that to go use it’s her! Link to vote: Women Who Shine Contest

Peggy’s link to vote for her: click here

Voting is EASY..just click on the link above and click VOTE.  That’s all we need!

Voting ends October 31st.



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