It takes a great character voice lineup and some pretty hilarious comic lines for me to half way attempt to watch a talking dog movie.  It’s not my ideal movie genre for curling up on the couch with a glass of wine (that would be “Letters to Juliet”).  The good news is Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 has enough humor to carry me through and a great Family Movie Night to share with all 200 of my kids.  George Lopez’s familiar voice and comedy keeps this film entertaining.  A great flick to take to grandma’s on Thanksgiving (if your not already planning on watching Plains, Trains, and Automobiles like my family does each year)  and share as a family, full of laughs for everyone.  There is a short list of movies I think should bore sequels.  Unless we’re talking Spiderman or Star Wars I’m usually skeptical.  Luckily Disney dodged that bullet and made Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 an exception to my “please don’t make anymore sequels” list.  Can you say…The Land Before Time!?  Even the hubs thought it would be not that great since it was a #3 movie but was very impressed.  I also enjoyed this film on Blu-Ray, with a large bag of sea salt popcorn, and with four super cuddlers fighting to share the couch and quilt with moi.  This would be one of those “must have on Christmas list” moments!  Ah yes!


Fabulous Won Review:  (Belle’s review, age 8) “It’s about Papi wants to make a fiesta for his daughter for saving a bigger dog.  He has to find the right song while planning the party.  The Chihuahuas tell the story.” Belle enjoyed the music and humor most in this dog-lightful film by Disney Studios.  Family always matters and the story unfolds when little Rosa feels like more of the runt in the family than an asset.  You’ll have to watch for yourself to see how this story pans out or visit the link below for a preview of the movie that was released on September 18th.

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Disclosure: I was sent this movie for review at no cost to me.  My opinions of this film are honest and my own.

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