New Fisher Price Peppa Pig playsets, plush toys, and more!

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Remember when you were a kid and you could spend hours (or what seemed like hours) playing with that one toy or playset?  For me it was Barbie and I literally played from sun up til sun down with my 101 Barbie’s and accessories.  If you were my mom you would have guessed I’d be a hair dresser or fashion adviser with as many different combo’s I came up with for these bff’s of mine.  I’m neither of those but my eyes still light up when I see a fresh new Barbie on the shelves in stores.  Unfortunately neither of my girls are that into Barbies.  What they are into is small toys, small playsets, and animal toys.  So even when I grumble when they refuse to put Barbie on their Holiday Lists at least they aren’t obsessed with fashion and hair.  I assume that’s a good thing.

When I first reviewed (or the girls reviewed, rather) Peppa Pig it was like the biggest hit ever.  Almost like the Publisher Clearing House guy just showed up on the door.  Minus the balloons.  And the million dollars, of course.  They jumped, they screamed, they said WE LOVE YOU MOMMY..we promise to be good.  It was a moment every mom has when they say to themselves “happiness truly is in the muddy puddles”.  Ok, so if your wondering why I’d say that… the title of Peppa Pig tv shows is Muddy Puddles.

So not only did my children receive the Peppa Pig awesome tv shows on DVD they also tested out their new product toy line.  (at this point they love me like my name is Santa..and it is)

  • Peppa Pig Oink and Sip tea set
  • plush Peppa
  • Peppa Treehouse and figures
  • The new book Peppa Pig and The Lost Christmas List
  • A Peppa Pig DVD featuring 10 “peppasodes”


Fabulous Won Review: I just said to my girls “so what do you think of the Peppa Pig toys, love ’em right?” Jace responds “yep, I kinda do” So it is proven this is not a ‘chic’ toy.  These are for many ages and for either gender.  Peppa Pig and George are brother and sister.  Jace just told me “The sister (Peppa) is mean to George..sometimes” .

“I love Mummy Pig, Peppa, and George, Daddy Pig, Peppa and elephant (Emily), and another Peppa too.” Alivia, age 3.75

I love these cute little pigs and their adventures.  The Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List is a great children’s Christmas book and I know Alivia enjoys me reading it to her.  In the book they are sending letters to Santa, then picking out the BIGGEST tree..bigger than their car so Daddy Pig carries it home..whew poor piggy.  Peppa wants to stay up and talk to Santa about why he doesn’t just use the front door.  When she meets him he looses his list, Peppa helps find it and saves the day!  Great book.  You’ll have to read it sometime.

Toys!: The legs, arms, and head move on the Peppa Pig toys adding more enjoyable play for kids.  The Treehouse Playset is fun and the swing detaches, door opens, small stairs and room for imaginative play.  We also enjoying play tea party with the Oink and Sip Peppa tea set, 9 piece complete set.

Do you SEE what I SEE? A pig talking on tv.  Yes, folks, the expression ‘when pigs fly’ hardly holds up in this generation.  Our kids are seeing it all on tv.  Talking pigs are a lot cuter than you think.  These family friendly sitcoms for kids are entertaining and lighthearted.  You won’t have to walk in the room and here “stupid” or “dumb-head” while your kids are watching this cartoon, unlike some others I’ve seen.  And I won’t let my kids watch.

Disclosure: I received these products at no cost to me by Child’s Play Communications.  My opinions are honest and my own.

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