Review: Maidenform Shapewear 20% off Deal, $15 Bra Sale, and more

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Ok, so I bought some shapewear a year ago and I almost cried when I couldn’t get out of it.  I was hopping on one leg, leaning while hopping mind you, while trying to get it on.  That should have been a CLUE as to how fun it would be to get off.  But I pressed on.  It was going to work.  They were expensive and I figure that at least another 100 women or so are also hopping around in their bedrooms somewhere doing the same thing.  It gave me peace of mind.  After I finally stuffed fat I didn’t realize I had into this thigh-slimming, bum-enhancing shapewear I realized this: it makes me look fat.  My butt actually looked bigger.  It was uncomfortable and ugly.  It still resides in my closet with tags on.  Why didn’t I return them, besides sure embarrassment?  I think my butt became one with that shapewear and nobody else needed to go through that torture.  And I don’t shop much since I live an hour from the store I bought it from.

After that fun adventure I just shared with you I was approached by a company that specializes in bras, panties, and shapewear.  Always up for a challenge and having something to compare to (as nightmarish as it was) I was ready to review.

Maidenform has been offering  luxurious assortment of feminine  intimates for 90 years.  I was sent four items to review that included a custom lift tailored t-shirt bra, a custom lift strapless bra with convertible straps, a Fat Free Dressing tank top, and the Dream Lace Boyshorts.

Maidenform has five categories to choose from: Lilyette, Flexees, Control It!, Maidenform, and Maidenform’s Charmed for a younger generation..think College!

Flexees® Fat Free Dressing® Tailored Tank

I have reviewed another slimming tank before and the problem I had with it was it riding up on me.  I received this Flexees tailored tank in Medium (and I’m a S/M girl) and it fits well.  It does NOT ride up on me.  You know what ride up means right?  Your hips or belly are causing a tight fit tank or shirt to move upward causing you to spend half your day pulling it down.  Yay, that’s not fun.  This tank smooths and fits well under other shirts or sweaters.  I even wear under dresses.

Maidenform® Dream® Lace Boyshort

Now, this next one I could LIVE in.  These little Dream Lace Boyshorts are like NOTHING I have ever worn.  I have boyshorts that are too tight on the waist causing muffin top (fat to overflow) or the boyshorts ride up to high and make me feel uncomfortable.  The Maidenform Dream Lace Boyshort is only $8 and WELL WORTH it.  I loved these so much I want a pair for everyday.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  I have a big bootie and these fit awesome!  It’s hard for me to find a comfortable and flattering fit with any underwear and these are truly amazing and the best women’s boyshorts I have even worn. These sit flush with your skin and do not dig into.  They come in four different colors and sizes 5-8.

Maidenform® Custom Lift® Tailored T-Shirt Bra and Strapless

This custom lift bra is comfortable and wears well under any fabric.  The satin fabric is fabulous and the seamless uplift and shaping make this bra an affordable option.  Maidenform’s custom lift offers a unique lift for each cup size.  Right now they have sale colors for $21.99.

The custom lift strapless bra with convertible straps offers the same great lift as the t-shirt bra but with the option to remove straps.  This strapless also offers lift and support and allows you to wear strapless shirts or tanks.  This is one of the more comfortable strapless bras I’ve worn.  I do not need to keep pulling it up it stays put.  I also enjoy it lies flat under my shirts.  No one will ever notice your bra.  Which is nice!

Deals: $15 Bra Sale, 20% off Shapewear when you buy 2 or more items, 1 Day Free Shipping

Shop Maidenform for all your bra, panties, and shapewear needs.  Connect with Maidenform on Facebook and @maidenform on Twitter to help them Celebrate 90 Years of Turning Heads!

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