UPERE Luxury Wedge Sneakers Review

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say: sneakers!? Comfort is my word.  I love to wear them but they rarely look killer with a fashionable top and skinny jeans.  I feel like I have to get out the heels, wedges, or tall boots.  Now, thanks to some super shoe genius, we are introduced to wedge sneakers.  What’s that?  You think they sound complicated?  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Fusing the two words of comfort and style together to offer you a go-to new shoe: UPERE.  Luxury shoes that are considered a sneaker, and a wedge.  You could almost eat ’em their so delicious to look at.

upere star

UPERE wedge sneakers go together with short skirts, maxi shirts, shorts, skinny jeans, leggings, short legs, long lets, skinny legs, meaty legs.  I could go on but to save face I’ll stop.  Your welcome.  UPERE has a huge selection of wedge sneakers from navy blue with gold star symbol to pure Cobalt Blue, Full Red, or even GOLD.  I said gold people.  There is a color for everyone.  UPERE uses suede and/or leather with each wedge sneaker adding to the nice quality and feel of the shoe.  Each sneaker is hand crafted to enjoy your comfort in each step.  You’ll be taking a nice walk to waltzing down the aisle without a moments notice.

upere gold

UPERE sneakers

FabulousWon Review: I tested these babies at the supermarket.  I even had a couple of women that I was pretty certain wanted to trip me, take my shoes, and run away with them, starring at me.  But I can’t be sure.  I typically take around 2 hours in the store, non-stop standing so this was the best place to test them.  I usually where my cowboy boots that for some reason are really comfortable.  I love how much height these wedges offer me.  I’m five foot tall and can use a boost.  They also feel like they are giving your feet a hug with each step.  I’ve never felt that with any other shoe before.  UPDATE: I’ve had these UPERE’s for awhile and was waiting patiently for my husband to grab a photo of me in them but since I always forget to ask and we’ve been SUPER busy lately I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I can at least contest that after a few months of wearing them they are still comfortable and durable wedge shoes.

upere mine

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For more information and to follow up on new products and deals visit UPERE on Facebook, tweet with them on Twitter @uperltd , or pin your favorite images from their Pinterest page.

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