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Spring fashion is half past as we zip through April and bloom into May, but sandals and shoes will continue to preserve well into summer.  I know if you live in the northeast your anxious for a spring that will come and settle in for a bit.  Me too.  It’s time to get out of the house, finally without a coat and maybe with some new pumps or wedges (not to be confused with wedgies), and do some spring cleaning on your child’s wardrobe.  Finding sandals, flats, and other cool styles for spring and summer is easy when you visit Umi Shoes.  I have been reviewing Umi Shoes for a few years (3-4) and I can “scouts honor” to you that they are a) super duper durable, b) super duper adorable, and c) super duper fashionable. 

This child loves fashion…



She is the 4th child in our family and deprived of all brand-new clothing/toys/what-evs, she welcomes the overly used things.  To receive a new bow, dress, or sandals is kinda a big thing around here.  And for Easter she wore a new bow, dress, and sandals.  Epic.  She loves to pick out clothing, unlike her older sister whom depends greatly on moi.  Someday’s she wears purple star pants with an orange paisley print skirt and pink shirt.  Hurts my eyes.  Then there are days like Friday, April 18th when this girl picked out that dress from the pic above for Easter Sunday.  It was simple and sweet, even though her attitude radiates loud and ferocious.  I was impressed.  And it matched my dress.

About Alivia:

age: 5

hair color: brown

eye color: blue

size: short

grade: preschool

dress size: 6

shoe size:  UK 28; US 11

Life: she dances in fancy dresses with ratty slippers, sings out of tune, bosses her cat around, can read 10 sight words

Attitude: lots

I’m pretty sure if she ruled a small country it would be painted purple with a blue sun and neon pink flowers.  Everyone would eat chocolate strawberries for dinner and pray for it to rain coconut water.  There would be newborns of every creature hatching or birthing at every hour. There would be trees with saline cracker leaves and sidewalks made of trampolines.

Umi Shoes Review

Ok, so in the event you want to actually learn about Umi Shoes and not so much my strong headed-just like me-5yr old, here is the low down.

Style: Alivia picked out the Cora in blue.

Fit: It fits TRUE to size.  She is an US size 11 and UK size 27, which Umi Shoes measures by.

Color: Her favorite color and this sandal comes in a BLUE that is a glossy finish with that offers easy to clean leather.

umi cora 33432


 yes, you spy bunny ears 

Fabulous Review: The Cora sandal style from Umi Shoes is good for the go-getter girl that Alivia is and go from preschool hop scotch to dinner for 6 at the bell.  taco bell that is.  She can put these on herself thanks to the hook and loop strap!  The Cora comes in 6 delicious colors and sized for toddler 5 1/2 to little kid size 12.  As always Umi Shoes are equipped and ready for  jumping, walking, shopping, and more.  I would not let Alivia go to the sandbox in these but other than that I would say game on.  They are a comfortable fit and cute for outings like picnic’s, amusement parks, sunday worship, preschool, grandma’s house, special events and weddings.  The leather straps hold up and offer comfort for the walker.  Also the cushioned insoles keep your child comfortable, think walking on clouds.  Cost for Cora is $50.  If your someone who likes to buy cheaper footwear, you’ll have to re-site the old saying “you get what you pay for” a couple times over.  Cheap flipflops are for the sandbox.  Fashionable sandals that are comfortable and can last for another child in your family is money well spent.

*For more Umi Shoes spring and summer fashion staples please visit them online and connect with them on facebook, and enter to WIN a SanDiego trip to the ZOO, and collide on @UmiShoes to view new deals and use coupon codes for added savings.

Find some spring light-steppers below and don’t forget to enter to win a $60 giftcard via PunchTab below.  Shhhh-weet.

Enter to win a Umi Shoes $60 Giftcard. The winner should expect to receive their prize from a physical giftcard that will be mailed to the winner. US Only, must be 18 and older to enter, no PO Boxes.

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Disclaimer: I received the review item at no cost to me in exchange for my honest views of the product.

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